Welcome to The Hague!  

Reception De Haagse Klep

Receptiondesk ‘De Haagse Klep’ is situated  near the entrance of the campingsite.
You can register here upon arrival. There are various information leaflets in a few languages, about the campingsite and it’s surroundings.


In ‘De Haagse Klep’ you’re also welcome to acquire some ‘forgotten shopping’ which you might need during your stay such as toothpaste, shampoo and suntan oil. Or domestic products like clothespegs, garbage bags, detergent or batteries. But also provisions.
And, of course, delicious ice cream and soft drinks.


At the desk you can also order bread for the following day. In the morning the rolls are freshly baked and you can pick them up from the desk.

Cooler service

At the reception you can have your ice packs frozen (no cost).

Gas bottle service

There you are, happily cooking away when your gas fizzles out. Luckily we can provide various types of the most popular botlltes. Due to regulations, we can’t hold a stock at the site, but if you order them before 5.00 PM they’ll be delivered before 6.00 PM (if available).
The gas is supplied by Gas & Kampeerwereld in The Hague.
Other camping equipment can also be supplied. They will deliver them free at the campingsite.

Camper repairs

Nothing is more annoying than when your camper malfunctions.
If you need a repair service,contact Avanti Campers. They will come to the campsite to inspect the problem (no travel cost). Usually the camper can be repaired on the spot.

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