Welcome to The Hague!  

Arrival & departure

Upon arrival at the gate, you call our mobile (nr is on the gate), after which we open the gate for you. You can report to the reception and register there. After registration you will receive a mobile phone from us so that you can open the gate yourself during your stay.

Arrival at the campsite between 8.30 AM and 9.30 PM. In accordance with the site manager these times can be adjusted.

Unaccompanied groups of youths are not admitted.
The minimum age to book is 21.


Pay attention:
Every visitor is obliged to register at the reception.
Up to 5 people visit, prices are listed at prices.
You pay in advance at the reception.
Visitors may only use the toilets and not other facilities.
Visitors must leave the motorhome before 21:30 hrs.
Any car of the visitor must be parked at the direction of the manager, don't park next to the camper.

Extra vehicle

Every (extra) vehicle (from customer and / or visitor) pays parking fees,
see prices. Pay in advance at the reception.