Welcome to The Hague!  


Dear visitor, 

We are getting more and more reservations. Maybe it's because you want to be sure of a place, but perhaps because it costs you nothing. 
"For the reservation you pay 15 euro administration costs: these costs are however reimbursed on arrival and 15 euro will be deducted from your invoice".

Unfortunately, too much abuse is made of this.  
Often, days are booked together and they still do not arrive.  
The fee of 15 euros for booking and scheduling those nights is not in proportion.This also gives great annoyance to the arrived visitors because unnecessary places are kept free, often with power. This is also not desirable for you.

That is why we are forced to ask instead of 15 euros for a complete reservation, to ask 20 euro per night.

Again, this will not be a cost:  
"For the reservation you pay 20 euro per night administration fee:  
however, these costs will be reimbursed on arrival and will be deducted from your invoice ".

You will not find a reservation form here either. A reservation now goes like this:

  1. You pay first 20 euro administration costs per night to account 
    NL80 INGB 0006 8485 26 in the name of Camping Stad Den Haag  

ATTENTION: please state your e-mail address and the date of arrival
--> Please: instead of using @ in your e-mail adresss, please use the
4 characters   -at-

  1. Once your payment is received, your reservation is a fact for the number of nights you have paid.  

  2. We will send you an e-mail for the confirmation and the request for the required data.

Still true: you are not required to reserve. You are welcome without a reservation, like most camper pitches.

Pay attention:

You will receive the administration costs for (partial) cancellation never back.  
Not in case of illness / death, bad luck on the camper or for whatever reason! 
Be aware of this if you decide to book!  
If you are not sure, we advise you not to reserve.
Again: making a reservation is not required.

If you have paid for a night on the time we no longer have a place (which is rare), you will receive your payment within 3 days.

In view of the above, reservation is by telephone not possible. Or in a shorter term than the payment can be received.

Thank you for your understanding.