Welcome to The Hague!  


Tram 15 is a 15-minute walk from the camper park.
On this info (top) you can see where it can bring you.
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Here you will find the latest general HTM line network card for all trams, metro and buses.You can also plan your trip by: 9292.nl


The center of The Hague is 7 km away and Scheveningen is 10,6 km away. Here is the info and here to print out.
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New bike ride: route from polder to duintop

From May 12, 2017 you can use a new cycling app with an alternate cycle route through The Hague. The route is 25 kilometers long. He runs from polder to dune and shows water management at its widest range: from Roman times to 21st century waterworks and everything in between.
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Routes to the Malieveld (including concerts)

If you want to go to Malieveld with the car route (2 pages).

This is the route to Malieveld by bicycle (l2 pages).

Public transport
By public transport it is 900 meters to The Hague Ypenburg station, then 2 stops (8 minutes) to The Hague Central. This is 500 meters from Malieveld.


You can use an advantageous P + R card. You park your car and travel by HTM tram or bus. The basic rate is 5 euros for a car and one person. Additional persons pay one euro per person extra.

Here is the route to Hoornwijck. The official page is here.

NOTE: At the moment, the parking space is used by third parties and is housed in a parking garage nearby. You cannot park a camper or a high van here.


HTMC Taxi     +31 70 390.77.22 www.htmc.nl

Various directions

- to shops & supermarkets
- to Camperpark Den Haag, from Utrecht A12
- to Camperpark Den Haag, from Rotterdam A13
- to Camperpark Den Haag, from Amsterdam A4
- to Amsterdam A4, from Camperpark Den Haag
- to Utrecht A12, from Camperpark Den Haag
- to Rotterdam A13, from Camperpark Den Haag